Calella is a coastal town of the Maresme region, in the Catalan province of Barcelona (Spain), and a city of said municipality, municipal capital of the same. The municipality had a registered population of 18 307 inhabitants (INE) in 2014 and a extension of 7.86 km². The city is 56 km from Barcelona and 25 km from Mataró (capital of the region).

In the 1970s and until the mid-1990s, it was a very important tourist destination for Central European tourism (especially German, Dutch, Danish, English and French), being popularly known as Calella de los Alemanes, reaching a tripling of population in the high season of tourism (which coincides with the end of spring, summer and the beginning of autumn).

Situation in the Maresme region:

Calella Beach:

Calella beach, Església street (in Castilian, Church ‘) and Capaspre rambla are the points of greatest tourist attraction for its commercial and leisure centrality.

Other places of interest are:

  • The lighthouse, built in 1859.

  • Las Torretes (in Castilian, ‘Torrecillas’), old telegraph towers, by the method of flags and wooden shovels, located near the lighthouse.

  • The Pineda de Can Dalmau.

  • The Manuel Puigvert seafront.

  • The squares of l’Església, de Catalunya and Bunyol.

  • The Archive Museum, about the history of Calella, with rooms devoted to the textile industry, one to the old Barri pharmacy and those of the pinacoteca dedicated to Lluis Gallart i Garcia.

  • The Library, located in the old Salvador house in the Plaza de l’Ajuntament.

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