The squirrel route

Do you like hiking? We explain the Squirrel Route so you can take your mountainous side and come to lose yourself in the northern part of the Catalan coast.

The Squirrel Route is marked in red and is suitable for both walking and cycling. It begins in the municipality of Calella de Mar and crosses the great Dalmau Natural Park. If you want to start your excursion in broad daylight, the best option is to stay at a hotel in Calella.

Throughout the tour, you can see huge date palms and pinyon pines on the route of the Squirrel. These trees are the favorite place for squirrels and it is a fairly flat trail. Ideal both for family trips and children.

The route of the Squirrel can be done on foot in about 1 hour and a half and has plenty of places to rest, eat a picnic or enjoy the fantastic nature of the Maresme.


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What is your route?

If you stay in a hotel in Calella, it will be very easy to start the route of the Squirrel. The start of the route is at the door of Parque Dalmau, located just 15 minutes walk from the center of Calella.

• Go up the entrance stairs until you reach Turó de la Muntanyeta.

• Go straight on the path, you will enter the pine forest of Dalmau Park. In the middle of this road you will find a small picnic area and a playground with a zip line.

• Continue straight ascending through Dalmau Park, in this section we recommend that you stop to observe the different types of vegetation (depending on the time you do the tour, you will see trees of one color or another.). In autumn, the trees of this path turn a deep reddish color.

• When you reach the upper part of the Park, we recommend you look at the fabulous views of the Catalan coast.

• When you go back down, you will pass through a stretch full of pine trees. This path marked with wooden crossings on each side will lead you to the famous Patio del Oso.

• From the esplanade of the Patio del Oso you will see the exit of the Park in the background. If you continue down (sea direction) you will reach the Plaza de la Església de Pineda de Mar.

Once you have arrived here, you will finish the Squirrel route. It is a perfect route to visit the Catalan coast, get to know the Mediterranean vegetation first-hand and visit the municipalities of Calella and Pineda de Mar.

If you want to return to the hotel again, there is public transportation between Pineda de Mar and Calella. If you want to rest after the excursion, having a hotel in Calella like Hotel Les Palmeres will be perfect to recompose your strength, right?